Children are placed into a class based upon their age as of September 1st of the current school year.  They remain in the same class until the following school year.  Our student/teacher ratio for our youngest class is 5:1 with a maximum of 10 students.  All other classes have a 6:1 student/teacher ratio with a 12 student maximum.
Owls (4 year olds)                                   Temporarily Closed Due to Covid-19      
Ladybugs (18-24 months) Mrs. Shaney                
Turtles (2 year olds) Mrs. Angela        Mrs. Shawna
Reminder:  When Round Rock ISD is closed due to inclement weather, Cornerstone MDO is also closed.
Assistant Director      Mrs. Shaney                          
Owner & Director Mrs. Janet
Busy Bees (3 year olds) Mrs. Noel         Ms. Christina     
Frogs (4 year olds)                               Substitutes                      Mrs. Andrea       Mrs. Bonnie                                    Mrs. Oxana         Mrs. Jacque      Mrs. Nasreen
Ducks (2 year olds) Temporarily Closed due to Covid-19
Monkeys (Kindergarten) Mrs. Heather     
Bears (4 year olds) Temporarily Closed due to Covid-19